DevOps vs ITIL?

Let’s simplify it a lot (maybe too much). IT exists for two reasons: to protect and serve. ITIL over emphasises the protect through the focus on process, DevOps the serve through the focus on quick and agile delivery. That’s exactly why we usually recommend to combine both of them: we need both to protect the value stream and to enable it.
Business and the stakeholders will not request “ITIL” or “DevOps”, what they will want is “business value,” “speed,” “availability”. Both ITIL processes and DevOps practices proved useful to provide and maintain these business outcomes against a constant changing environment. Injecting agile practices in ITIL processes such as change, configuration, and release management creates processes integration and allows much faster releases without losing the protection provided by the overall ITIL process framework. By combining DevOps and ITIL a business can get the best of all worlds – moving from being a resist-to-change, robust business to a high velocity, always changing and antifragile business.

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