DevOps vs ITIL?

Let’s simplify it a lot (maybe too much). IT exists for two reasons: to protect and serve. ITIL over emphasises the protect through the focus on process, DevOps the serve through the focus on quick and agile delivery. That’s exactly why we usually recommend to combine both of them: we…

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Project Management 4.0

While traditional project management structures focused on the project manager and the project control practices, project management 2.0, embarking 2.0 technologies and their collaborative principles, stressed the concept of distributed collaboration, and converted the project manager to a leader. Traditional project management was, thus, driven by formal reporting and hierarchical…

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Software Antifragility

To roughly sum it up: robust software resists to failures while antifragile software extracts the intrinsic value of errors… But what does it mean exactly? Many things in life are antifragile, such as the human body. When stressed at the right level, such as a muscle or a bone would…

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