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DevOps vs ITIL?

Let’s simplify it a lot (maybe too much). IT exists for two reasons: to protect and serve. ITIL over emphasises the protect through the focus on process, DevOps the serve through the focus on quick and agile delivery. That’s exactly why we usually recommend to combine both of them: we need both to protect the value stream and to enable it.
Business and the stakeholders will not request “ITIL” or “DevOps”, what they will want is “business value,” “speed,” “availability”. Both ITIL processes and DevOps practices proved useful to provide and maintain these business outcomes against a constant changing environment. Injecting agile practices in ITIL processes such as change, configuration, and release management creates processes integration and allows much faster releases without losing the protection provided by the overall ITIL process framework. By combining DevOps and ITIL a business can get the best of all worlds – moving from being a resist-to-change, robust business to a high velocity, always changing and antifragile business.

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Project Management 4.0

While traditional project management structures focused on the project manager and the project control practices, project management 2.0, embarking 2.0 technologies and their collaborative principles, stressed the concept of distributed collaboration, and converted the project manager to a leader. Traditional project management was, thus, driven by formal reporting and hierarchical structures. Project Management 2.0, however, stresses the need for access to information for the whole team.
Project Management 2.0 sowed the seeds for Project Management 3.0, the age of a business driven Project Management culture, which is slowly invading the organizations up to the boardroom, transforming the previous need for PMO and Portfolio governance in a need for organizational agility and Project Management strategy, ultimately materialized with the Chief Projects Officer role, increasing the strategic profile of Project Management.
So what’s next? What could be Project Management 4.0? Probably a change in the nature of the organizations themselves, mutating from project-oriented organization to project-founded organization: extending the agility model of start-up companies, organizations will be created when starting a big project and killed/converted when the next project will come.

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Planisware Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Taking the best from Agile and Stage-Gate methodologies, aligned with the FlexPace© Planisware approach, our implementation process will help you avoiding the usual traps.
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Planisware Integration Services

Integration Services

Data conversion from legacy systems and system interfaces are more than often part of the Planisware implementation project. Our experienced team will help you realize a very smooth IT integration for your Planisware platform.
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Planisware Modernization Services

Modernization Services

Refactoring, migrating or replatforming, whatever your needs are, we guide you step by step towards an easier-to-maintain platform, updated with latest functionalities, while avoiding business disruption.
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Planisware Cloud Services

Cloud Services

While managed or dedicated the services are, we manage all maintenance work, and upgrade the service on a regular basis or on-demand.
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Planisware workshop at DIPMF 2017!

We really enjoyed presenting a Planisware workshop in Dubaï at the DIPMF event! It was inspirational and motivational to take part in such an innovative event, delivering the highest standards. Looking forward to sponsoring again next year!

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b-software & Planisware to speak at DIPMF 2017

b-software & Planisware will be presenting at the annual Dubaï international Project Management Forum, on Sunday November 19th in Dubaï.
This is the #1 regional project management platform that attracts over 1,500 international attendees. The DIPMF sheds light on Dubai’s role in leading the development drive across the region by successfully adopting top-notch international standards in a series of mega projects that have commanded global attention. b-software & Planisware, as Technology Sponsor, will present on how Planisware software can help you make a difference through case studies & demos and how Planisware will contribute to future of Project Management with its next steps: Big Data and Extended Entreprise.

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Project Portfolio Management

Assessment of your existing methodologies, practices and tools. The output is a prioritized set of recommendations to achieve measurable improvement to your PPM performance.


Fully integrated in the Planisware ecosystem, we have worldwide partners relying on our teams and unique set of skills.


We take care of release management, continuous deployment, architecture, change management and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.

Planisware Testing Services

Testing Services

Trusting us with your implementation quality is a foolproof way to getting better adoption of your system and to guaranteeing success for your implementation project.
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Planisware Training Services

Training Services

With more than 50 years of cumulated expertise on Planisware, starting with OPX2 R2 to end with last release Planisware V6.2, we are committed to train every profile, from newbie to veteran, and make you comfortable with your solution.
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Planisware Solution Experts

Team as a Service

Unique service designed to extend your team with our onsite / off-site (or mixed) ready group of dedicated consultants, developers and its capabilities without the cost of employing our people. Large project coming up?
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Planisware PMO

PMO as a Service

A particular sub-set of skills is included in our Team as a Service which provides you with a partly or fully eternalized PMO, designed to set project management standards and provide governance.
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